As creatives, we are always on the look out for our own type, be it a filmmaker, documentary maker, animator, game developer, photographer, artist or more. I guess we are after great stories.

Having been part of the screen sector for a number of years and having worked on a few ourselves, we have a soft spot for good stories and story tellers. Too often good stories get buried in the sands of time and the story tellers lost in distant memory. 

25 FRAMES is a new platform to tell the story behind the storytellers. Have you got an amazing short film with a gripping story that you believe has the potential to move people? Do you want your film to be seen by the audience and appreciate your story for what its worth? Do you have the passion and persistence to tell your story on the silver screen? Than we want you!

25 Frames gives you the platform and opportunity to showcase your film and to describe to the public the process of crafting your story and what it meant to you, the tears, sweat and blood that went into making your film and to inspire the next generation of filmmakers to go out and tell their stories. 

Our mission is to increase the exposure of the incredible filmmaking talent we have in New Zealand and to inspire up and coming filmmakers, by providing advice and experience from those who have already produced their own masterpiece. 

Our vision is a revitalised New Zealand filmmaking industry where we all work together to produce content on a global scale.

Please fill out the form below and send it to us telling us what your movie is all about. Next, Download the submission pack and send us all the details for us to check out your amazing creations. 



25 Frames Submission

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Please fill in the form and send it to us for consideration. Once you’ve done that, please download the Submission Pack to fill out consent forms etc required for us to consider your application.