Is your Brand Working for you?

As an entrepreneur, whether you own a corporation, small to medium sized business or are a sole operator, your Brand is what dictates client loyalty and market positioning. A strong brand is powerful on its own. Do you know what your brand stand for, what is at the heart of your Brand Proposition and Positioning, these are the most important questions you need to ask yourself honestly.

The answer is clear: a unique brand proposition alongside a creative communications strategy.


A quest for clarity

One of the most exciting parts of building your business is deciding on a brand identity and seeing your ideas transform from concepts to a tangible reality. However, it is very important to get clear on the idea behind the brand itself, rather than focusing all efforts on design and creative marketing campaign ideas.

When it comes down to getting consumers to buy from you, you need to stand out from competitors. Complete clarity surrounding your brand and core identity will help you achieve it.

Your brand values must be relevant and meaningful to your target audience. So, once you are absolutely clear about your purpose, you must develop a culture that inspires and “breathes” it on all operational levels. Your customers won’t believe it, if you don’t live it.

Here’s a look at three important steps:


This is the promise you are making to the customer, which should be based on the strengths and goals of your business. Combine emotional and functional benefits, and think about the needs of customers both now and in the future. Try to pre-empt your audience’s future needs to stay ahead of the competition.


Be different, but not just for the sake of it. Ensure you give careful consideration to your brand positioning. This is how you want customers to perceive and understand your brand, so think about what makes your brand unique in a way that matters to them? What can you provide that no other competitor can?


Experience and communication can be the point of difference which can set your brand apart from the rest. Think about everything that your customers will see and hear about your brand. Is your brand identity communicated well through all your channels clearly and consistently? Is your business instantly recognizable by your communications alone?

Without a strong brand proposition and identity, even the most extravagant marketing campaign will be powerless. You must prove you deliver the value that you promise by providing your audience with compelling, emotionally-driven reasons to believe in your business, products, services and your brand.

Do this by incorporating core brand values into everything you do. From the essential daily activities such as answering the phone and replying to social media comments, right through to the behind the scenes development of new products and services.

**TIP** One of the easiest thing you can do; and should start today is hand out your Business Card to everyone you meet irrelevant of whether they are in the line of business as you or not. We all have a need to go for Coffee Meetings, leave a business card at the table, if you are in a cab, silently drop on in the back seat as you exit or even when you go to the library, leave one in a book on your subject matter as a book mark. You never know who will find it and give you a call.

You brand needs to be identifiable from a distance and it starts with a well-designed Logo, or Brand Identity that communicates what you stand for as a person and second what your business is all about.

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