We are looking for Start-Ups, Solo-Entrepreneur, Small Businesses to be Brand Partners with to help succeed.

Are you a Startup, Solo-entrepreneur, Small Business?
Are you struggling with your Branding, Brand Awareness and Customer Retention?
Do you need a helping hand and some sound advice to reach your business’s potential?

If you answered Yes to the questions above then you are in the right place. We are excited about 2016, We are excited about Start Ups, We are excited about You!

Here at Graphic Monk, we understand the up’s and downs of running a business, we were a start-up once too. You don’t have to do it alone. We are looking for a total of 10 Start-up businesses in various fields to help reach their potential. You must be already past the initial idea stage and have an income coming in via your business or sole tradership, must be in a growth phase and ready to expand. You will have a business plan and a action plan to where you want to go, and how you will achieve it.

You will be required to give us an Elevator Pitch and really sell your business idea or the concept behind it. We will then shortlist the businesses we are happy to work with as Brand Partners.

Is it going to be hard to gain success in your business, Yes! but not impossible. We need you to retain that passion and enthusiasm that you first had when you had the idea. We will take that enthusiasm and turn it into rocket fuel for you to gain a boost.

So if you are ready and have got what it takes to be your own boss, Click the button Below and let’s Get Started.

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Whether you are a Start-Up, On-Line Retailer, or a Corporate; We can help realize your Vision!

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