You too can be an E-Commerce Enterpreneur

In our business of designing Brand Identities, Websites, Marketing Collateral and more, I’ve come across a lot of people over the years who have worked for big and small organizations. I too have worked for the blue-collar job that each and every one of us thrives for. Is that the means of surviving? or is it the fact that we are not ready to take charge of our own destiny.

I am not at all suggesting that you must give up your day job, instead I am suggesting that you need to take inventory of what you enjoy doing when you are not working in your day job. What hobbies you have? And what are you willing to do to be happy?

E-Commerce; is it for you?

With the new era of Global Marketplace, the world has become a smaller and close knight place. Unless you are a Global Brand like McDonald, Nike, Time, etc., trying to break into the marketplace take a lot of energy and patience. Luckily there is a new breed of Entrepreneurs out there called “E-Commerce Entrepreneurs”.

Research shows that more customers prefer purchasing online rather than from brick and mortar stores, is that true, well in 2013-14, the amount of online sales jumped up drastically and we too have seen an influx in the past couple of years in new businesses wanting e-commerce presence.

We’ve built a lot of Brands and Websites over the years for clients globally but my personal pet favorite is when I sit down with a new client who has “An Idea” they are passionate and you can see it in their eyes. They know what they want and they are willing to work to get it, what they lacked is the means to get it.

To be your own Boss doesn’t have to mean that you have no life. With the advent of Internet, we all can be our own bosses. E-commerce is the answer to this.

Mega chain stores are online now starting to catch up to this trend, however Amazon was built on this theory.

I am happy with the customer’s I’ve got? Are you Really….

A lot of people will not do anything for the fear of failure. I’ve heard time and time again how small business suffer because of the mega chain stores taking all the business. This is the thought process of Poverty Consciousness. There is enough business for every person as long as the customer get in use value equal to what they give you in cash value. Can’t be simpler, right…

Just because you have a brick and mortar store or are based out of China, India, New Zealand, Australia, Honolulu, Prague or any other place, doesn’t mean you have to live by the invisible territorial boundaries that separate nations. Internet has broken those barriers. You can expand globally and build an empire.

If you don’t have a product you can acquire product on wholesale and even get the product drop shipped without any “CASH OUTLAY”. Yes this is all possible today.

Our latest e-commerce projects were Imperial Swords & Aroueris Tarot with a few more in the making. These two in particular were started by people who had an idea, Imperial Swords in particular has become an identifiable brand in its niche in less than 5 years in business. It all starts with an idea and belief to go after what you most desire.

So if you’ve had an idea or have thought of creating a web based business, then there is no better time than today. It doesn’t cost the “MOON” to build a professional E-Commerce Store to start you out. We build Designs that look good and convert. We believe in good design, we believe in our design.

Let’s have an “OBLIGATION-FREE” chat to see how we can help you achieve your goals.


Whether you are a Start-Up, On-Line Retailer, or a Corporate; We can help realize your Vision!

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