Digital Humans | Virtual Influencers | Brand Ambassadors

Digital Humans are showing up in many industries and are being recognised as brand ambassadors, celebrities’, virtual influencers, story tellers, with a dedicated social following and real-world earning potentials.

The digital humans we design and create here at Graphic Monk all have a narrative and a persona to place them within context of your project to maximize the personality appeal with emphasis on Emotional and Empathetic responses to add value for brands through compelling narratives.

Adopting a Digital Human has multiple advantages to a brand as compared to traditional brand ambassadors. Digital Humans reduce risk and offer loyalty to your brand by being completely aligned to your brand narrative.

They are available all the time, flexible without having to worry about complex contracts and scheduling issues. implementing and assigning a digital human to be your brand ambassador offers transparency for costing and fees leaving you to be free to work on the content planning.

 Brands can maintain complete control over the creative direction, partnership, content, narrative, product placement as well as art direction recommendations..

This offers increased value and Return on Investment for brands and intellectual properties to curate long term audience following and loyalty.

If your brand has the in house capabilities and systems in place, you can self manage the digital human public relations, product placements and more or we can assist you with implementation and streamlining.


You are ready to get a Digital Human of your own!

We enjoy working on unique projects from AR, VR, XR, Animation, Games, Education, Research and more. Every custom digital human is specifically designed for your project and unique. We don’t recycle the digital humans and understand that it’s not always “One Size Fits All.

We take appropriate steps to ensure consultancy, if required, is done at an early stage of pre-production. We work with indigenous groups, Iwis, Kaupapa Māori consultants to ensure proper representation is provided as well as all ethical considerations are taken into account.

We do this to ensure that the digital humans representing Māori ethnicity pose no threat to the ethical, cultural and spiritual reputation of Māori and other indigenous groups.

We work closely with agencies and brands including all stakeholders to collaborate to define production strategies and solutions. We can offer complete project lifecycle management as well as support to your in-house teams with:

  • Digital Human Creation
  • Asset Production
  • Apparel Design consultancy and creation
  • Narrative and Persona Design
  • Motion Capture and Animation design
  • Social Media Management

These Digital Humans offer an unprecedented value proposition for a variety of visual style and applications ranging from Film, TV Advertising, Commercials, AR, VR, XR applications, Animation, Public Relations, Games design, Virtual Youtubers and more.

There are a variety of industries that can benefit from a Digital Human including but not limited to Tourism, Banking, Brands, Cosmetics, Media, Education, Health and well-being, Training, Law Enforcement, Legal, Human Resources and much more.

As Einstein rightly said “Creativity is Contagious ~ Pass it along”

Drop us a line and let’s have an obligation free chat about your project. We adhere to Industry Non Disclosure protocols and assure confidentiality of your project details.

Whether you are a Start-Up, or a Corporate; We can help realize your Vision!