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Motion Capture Anytime, Anyplace, Anyone!

Graphic Monk Ltd. is venturing into Full Body Motion Capture for Film, VFX, Games, VR/AR.   Often any project, be it a new game title, a short film or feature film is restricted due to funding for the project. The realm of high quality VFX, Animation, Post...

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You too can be an E-Commerce Enterpreneur

With the new era of Global Marketplace, the world has become a smaller and close knight place. Unless you are a Global Brand like McDonald, Nike, Time, etc., trying to break into the marketplace take a lot of energy and patience. Luckily there is a new breed of Entrepreneurs out there called “E-Commerce Entrepreneurs”.

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Are you Happy?

Microsoft just announced a bunch of updates to Project Oxford, a set of online services that help developers build more intelligent apps with complicated features like the ability to recognize faces.

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WordPress User Roles: An Explanation

The WordPress user feature could be confusing for some of us in the beginning. Therefore, to remain effective and efficient, it is paramount to understand the different roles that are available when creating users and defining their capabilities.

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Is your Brand working for you?

As an entrepreneur, whether you own a corporation, small to medium sized business or are a sole operator, your Brand is what dictates client loyalty and market positioning.

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