Starting 2021 with magic, emotions and digital humans!

We started 2020 with magic of Digital Human bring to life emotional expressions, human body dynamic motion capture and fully rigged characters to the forefront to take Pre-Vis straight into Production for Game Developers, Animators, VR, AR, MR, VFX, Film Makers and more.

The above character test is for Azmur from Oyun’s Quest game project being developed by our daughter company DynaKinetix: Motion Capture and Virtual Productions.

There is more coming. Watch the space. 2021 is a magical year and we intend to bring some amazing projects to light while working with Indies and full scale productions.

Get in touch and let’s see how we can better integrate into your project while staying within budget.

Moving forward in 2021, we will be showcasing the wonder of highly realistic digital humans and how we bring them to life for Film, Games, Animation, Virtual Productions and more.


Whether you are a Start-Up, On-Line Retailer, or a Corporate; We can help realize your Vision!