We call them Virtuals

We Create lifelike Digital Humans

We create lifelike realism into our digital humans to enable the end user to better relate to the virtual character. We make this happen using new cutting edge, emerging pipelines and solutions as well as machine learning to generate our digital humans in realism from skin textures, to micro normal to  sub surface scattering, and all done in record time to have a fully animation ready digital human with full body and facial blend shapes. We call them Virtuals.

We make this possible by using our years of experience in the, Film, VFX, Animation, Video Games and Production industry.

Our digital humans are fully motion capture ready for full body and facial performance. 3D data is useful in a variety of applications the main one being the entertainment industry in the creation of both movies and video games.

When creating performance capture or 3D images, we record shape and detail from every angle, for realistic content that can be used across multiple platforms. We create a narrative,

custom VIRTUALS – Digital Humans

We enjoy working on unique projects from AR, VR, XR, Animation, Games, Education, Research and more. Every custom digital human is specifically designed for your project and unique. We don’t recycle the digital humans and understand that it’s not always “One Size Fits All.


We take appropriate steps to ensure consultancy, if required, is done at an early stage of pre-production. We work with indigenous groups, Iwis, Kaupapa Māori consultants to ensure proper representation is provided as well as all ethical considerations are taken into account. We do this to ensure that the digital humans representing Māori ethnicity pose no threat to the ethical, cultural and spiritual reputation of Māori people. 


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