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Introducing Daniella!

Daniella is one of the newly created Virtuals – Digital Humans from Graphic Monk. Daniella has lifelike realism to enable the end-user to better relate to her.

  • Daniella comes fully rigged with facial blend morphs ready for full body and face motion capture.
  • Daniella was crafted with care to capture realism in her emotional expressions and features.
  • Daniella is game ready and can be used for AR, VR, XR, Virtual Production, Film, Commercials, Social Media Influencer, VIrtual Productions and more.

Daniella is a 25-30-year-old corporate lawyer with a Masters from a prestigious university who enjoys sports and fitness, She is an avid swimmer and runner. enjoys a night out with friends and close to her family. She loves to cook and takes pride in her presentation. In the corporate world, Daniella is highly competitive and a high achiever.

Daniella enjoys fashion, films, cooking, and more. She is ready for a career change and keen to try out Social Influencing, Corporate Influencer, Brand Ambassador, Trainer, Educator and is open to more options.

Daniella is available for immediate download in the following formats:

    • Skeletal Mesh
    • Physics Asset
    • Skeleton
    • Unreal Engine 4 Hand & Foot IK
    • Scaled to Epic skeleton
    • Rigged to Epic skeleton
    • Vertices: 212K
    • Triangles: 91K
    • Animation: 1 Test Animation
    • Map: 1 Showcase Map
    • Skin: Micro Normal, Sub Surface Scattering, Digital Human Skin
    • Unreal Engine 4.26 project.
  • Daniela was created using a combination of tools and a final finish through Reallusion Character Creator. To ensure the best results, please download and install the Auto Setup Tool for Unreal Engine from Reallusion in your project. https://bit.ly/3hbx5IE
  • Daniella can be used in commercial projects.
  • If you require customisation for Daniella, you can contact us for custom digital human creation pricing quote.
  • You may not on-sell or share Daniella Digital Human with others who have not bought the license.
  • You may not modify Daniella except in accordance with your project needs.
  • Purchasing this product does not constitute a transfer of the IP (Intellectual Property) to you or your project.
  • Graphic Monk retains the IP on this digital human and grants you a use license for a commercial project.
  • The digital human is offered as is where is. Graphic Monk takes no responsibility for the suitability of the digital human for your project.
  • Refunds can not be offered for digital purchases.
  • All rights reserved:
    • Reallusion: Auto Setup Tool, Software Pipeline
    • Graphic Monk: Digital Human

Copyright (c) 2021 Graphic Monk LTD. All rights reserved.


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